Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holiday Prep Event! US & Canada

Hey everyone!
We're hosting a Holiday Prep Giveaway! This one is a little different as far as prizes go, but I think it will be a popular one! We will offer Facebook Links on this one, but it will be one of the last ones we offer those on since the ban will come into effect on, I believe, the 4th of November, so we're trying to squeeze this one in before the ban takes effect.

All the prizes have to do with getting ready for the holidays, including decor, craft items, a cricut machine & holiday cartridge and more PLUS>.....

 the grand prize will be a $1000 Delta Airlines Gift Card, courtesy of my favorite travel agent, Our World Travel, to help someone either bring family home for the holidays, or to go home for the holidays!
This event will take place Oct 23rd-November 1st! Open to US & Canada! :)
You get both a Facebook AND a Twitter follow for $5
All other social media links are $3 each
Blog Comment on any NON giveaway blog post-$4
Subscribe to Blog-$4
Host a Follow Page- $7
Co Host Event (Co-Host- All Links + Subscribe + Blog Comment + FB Comment On/Like any status)- $15

Payments to:  (don't forget the S between dixieland & deals.)