Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back to School Celebration Event

Blogger sign up will close on June 20th, 2015.

This will be our last big event until November, due to the fact I'm going back to work and will not have time to put these big events together.  I will still have a few really small events with limited sign up, probably limited to 10 people.
Anyway. This event will begin July 1, and end July 30.  Sponsored prizes include:
2-$100 Gift Cards to Forever 21
2- $100 Walmart Gift Cards
2-$100 Target Gift Cards and
2-$100 Kohls Gift Cards
to help 8 lucky winners get what they need for Back to School this year! This event is open to the US AND Canada!

Everyone gets a FREE Twitter Link

Paid options are as follows:
There is ONE Secret word page available for $7.50 (will be removed from options once sold) SOLD
There are THREE Follow pages available for $7.50 each
Facebook Visit-$3.50
No other extra link options are available other than the two listed above.
Co-Host this event: $15  You will get Twitter, Facebook Visit, Facebook Comment on and like any post, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Subscribe to blog, retweet 1 tweet (you can email me the tweet you'd like to have retweeted just before the event), and comment on any non giveaway blog post.