Friday, January 30, 2015

3rd Annual Ultimate Baby Shower Event Blogger Sign Ups

It's drawing close to time for our THIRD annual Ultimate Baby Shower Event!  Blogger sign ups are open from Jan 30th-Feb 15th, 2015.  We do this as a lot of companies that we pitch for this event want to know how many bloggers are participating, so we can give them an accurate number.

Thus far we have, for prizes:

Convertible Baby Bed arv: $799

Changing Table arv: $299

Dresser arv: $199

Various Room Decor (will have to add up the total ARV on the decor once it's all in.)

We will also end up with, judging from previous years and interest shown thus far, a high chair, carseat, playpen, toys, diapers, Diaper bag and more. We are estimating a total prize value of around $3000.00.

Every Blogger will get a FREE Twitter Link.  Paid options are listed below. Please copy and paste your requested links as, in the past, I've had to spend hours contacting people for correct links since the links they put in wouldn't work. I just don't have time to do that anymore, so please double check your link!

Please note! There will be a $15 Paypal Prize that will go to the Blogger who refers the most blogger sign ups for this event!! OPEN TO U.S. & CANADA

Available Paid Links:

All social media links are $2.50 each, and can include Facebook (Visit), YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, we are not allowed to put the option of Google+ as an entry due to Google Terms and Conditions.

Host a Follow Page on your blog: You will be sent the html for a follow page.  The main giveaway tool will send entrants to the follow page on your blog, thus sending you a lot of traffic during this event.  The cost for a follow page is $7. There are a very limited number of follow pages available, when they are gone, I will remove the follow page option from the sign up form.

Co-Host this event: $15  Co-Hosts will be named as such on the event page. They will also get ALL social media links, + Subscribe to Blog + Comment on and like any Facebook Status update, + Comment on ANY non giveaway Blog post on your blog. We will only accept a limited number of co-hosts and when those are filled, we'll remove the co-host option from the sign up form.

Send payment to: via Paypal. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Escape the Cold Flash Giveaway Event Blogger Sign up

We have the opportunity, thanks to our Sponsor, Our World Travel, to do a quickie giveaway.  There will be 1 (ONE) Winner and that winner will get:
$400 Hilton Honors (Hotel) Gift Card
$600 Delta Airlines Gift Card
and a gorgeous set of Designer Luggage from Heys America Luggage valued at $460!
Total Value of prize is $1,460.00

Everyone will get a FREE Twitter link. Just enter your twitter handle only please. I will open up a couple of Co-Host Positions- Co Hosts will get Twitter, Facebook Comment/like, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube along with blog comment on any non giveaway post for $15. I will open a VERY limited number of Follow pages up for grabs for $7 each, probably only 2 of them, and once those 2 are taken, I'll take that option off the sign up sheet. Send any payments to: 

Blogger Sign ups are open TODAY ONLY 1-11-15! Event HTML will be sent out tomorrow and event will begin tomorrow night.  Sponsor decided to do this this morning and make it a quick one, event will be open WORLDWIDE (Except where prohibited by law), It will run from 1-12-15 at 7:00 pm (Eastern Time) though January 26th, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time) 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

3rd Annual Wedding Extravaganza Event Blogger Sign up US/Canada

We're really excited for our annual wedding event and hope you will join us! This event, in previous years, has had a ton of traffic and is a great opp for blog exposure.Open to US and Canada  Event begins Feb 15 and ends March 10.

We are already getting offers for sponsorships for this years event, some of the offers include:

Choice of wedding gown priced at $500 or less, or if the bride chooses a dress over $500, she will get $500 off the price of the dress.

A variety of supplies for the reception, including favor boxes, favors, decorations.

Guest Book, Champagne flutes & Serving set

Tuxedo Rental for Groom and up to 4 Groomsmen

More to come!

All bloggers will get a FREE Twitter link.  Other social media links such as Facebook Visit, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube are available for $2.50 each.

Also available for this event are:
Comment on any non giveaway blog post: $4.00
Comment/Like any Facebook Status: $4.00
Subscribe to blog: $4.00

Host a Follow Page on your blog: $7.00

Co-Host this event: $15.00 (will include all social media links, blog comment, Facebook status like/comment, subscribe to blog, re-tweet a tweet that you will specify.

The blogger that refers the most participating bloggers will receive $15 Paypal cash!