Sunday, July 12, 2015

Four Event Holiday Sign Up

As I now have a full time job, I'm taking advantage of what free time I do have and will start putting together the 4 Giveaway Tools for these four events as the sign ups come in.  

We will be having four BIG events for the holidays.  We are opening up sign ups now, and once this closes on the 15th of August, there will be no other chance to sign up for these four events.

These four events will be open to the US AND CANADA. :) The October event will have a minimum of $1000 in prizes and will include Halloween themed prizes as well as beginning Holiday prizes that will make some awesome gifts! The TWO November events will be ALL Holiday type gift items, including electronics, toys, jewelry and gift cards, more of the same type items will be prizes for the December event. The November and December events will have a MINIMUM of $2000 in prizes.

The fees below cover ALL FOUR EVENTS! This means you get the links you request along with follow pages etc, for ALL Four events for this single fee.

Options are:

Everyone gets a FREE Twitter link!

Paid Options:

Facebook Visit: $10- These are usually $3.50 for EACH event.
Pinterest Follow- $10 - Usually $3.50 for EACH event.
Instagram Follow- $10- Usually $3.50 for EACH event

Comment on ANY non-giveaway blog post-$15 -Usually $5 for EACH Event

Host a follow page on your blog-$20- usually $7.50 for EACH event. ONLY FOUR AVAILABLE-once these are gone, it will be removed from the sign up form

Host a secret word page- $20- usually $7.50 for EACH event. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE-once these are gone, it will be removed from the sign up form.

Co-Host these FOUR Events- $45- Usually $15 for EACH event.  Includes all social media links + comment on any non-giveaway blog post + Subscribe to Blog + Facebook Comment

**Payments should be sent to via Paypal, or if you prefer, you can send amazon gift codes via email to the same address.** 

Please mark the following dates on your calendars:
Oct 1-15 Event One
Nov 1-15 Event Two
Nov 16-30 Event Three
Dec 1-15 Event Four 
These should be nice, high traffic events!

End of Summer Event

Well...I just thought I wasn't going to do another event till the holidays, but I got talked into doing this one. :)  This event is open to the US and Canada. There will be SIX winners. (Prizes listed below).
Everyone will get a FREE Twitter Link.  There are also the following paid options available as well:

Host a Secret Word Page on your blog. $7.50  There is only ONE of these available. Once it is purchased, I will take the option off the form.

Host a follow page on your blog $7.50  There are THREE available, same as above.

Co-Host this event: $15- All Co-Hosts will get Facebook Visit/Comment, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram + Comment on ANY non giveaway blog post on your blog.

Send payments to: via Paypal.  I will also accept Amazon Gift Codes if you'd rather pay that way.

Sponsored Prizes include:
1-Blue & White Sapphire Sterling Silver Necklace arv: $119- 1 winner
1- 8 Cube Organizer (49.5"H x 53.25"W x 14"D.-Some assembly required)-arv: $429- 1 winner
1- Outdoor Fire Pit- arv: $199- 1 winner
2- $250 Visa Gift Cards (2 winners will get 1-$250 GC each)
1-$100 Visa Gift Card- 1 winner

Total 6 winners, approx retail value of all prizes is: $1122.00