Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summertime Dreamin' Event Blogger Sign up (US and Canada)

It's almost time for summer, so on June 1st we will start our Summer Dreamin' Event! Here are the prizes we'll be giving away.  This is the sign up page for Bloggers only that would like to participate in this event. 

Coral Coast Del Rey Deluxe Dining Set -arv:$899

18x48 Metal Frame Pool Set with Cartridge Filter Pump and Saltwater System -arv $899

Ridgeview Clubhouse Deluxe play set arv-$950


This will be a big draw event garnering lots of new fans!! There are a total of 4 follow pages available and 4 co-host positions available.  Event will run June 1st-25th, 2014. Open to US and Canada 

Links and Fees: (Send to via Paypal) 

Facebook Fan Page: $3.50
Twitter Follow- $3.50 
Pinterest Follow-$3.50 
LinkedIn Follow-$3.50
Instagram Follow-$3.50 

Vote for Blog- $4.00
Subscribe to Blog-$4.00
Facebook Like/Comment on any post: $5.00 
Comment on ANY non giveaway blog post: $5.00 

Host a Follow Page: $10.00
Host a Secret Word Page: $5.00
Co-Host Event- $25.00  (Includes all social media links, Subscribe to blog, leave comment on any blog post, Facebook comment/like on any post.

Blogger that refers the most bloggers will win a $35 Paypal Cash!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Pleasures Event-Blogger (ONLY) Sign Up- US & Canada

Please note: If you are not a blogger, this page is not for you, it's not the actual event, it is ONLY for bloggers to sign up and participate in the event. When the event opens, we will announce it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.) 

Mother's Day is coming so lets help our readers celebrate it with a Mother's Day giveaway!!! One Mom out there is going to get VERY spoiled this Mother's Day!! 

Here are the prizes we have lined up thus far: 

Keurig K65 Special Edition Brewer- arv: $149 

iPad Air with WiFi + Cellular- arv:$649 

Gilchrist & Soames Luxury Spa Gift Basket-arv:$54

Petite Ensemble du Chocolat arv:$75 (Vosges Chocolates)

Total Retail Value of this package is $927! 

Any other items we get for this event will be made into a 2nd package to give 

away  for this event. 

You will get Facebook & Twitter Links for $5 (includes both links) 

Any Extra social media links are $2.50 each, but NO Google+ please!) 

Subscribe to blog-$3.50

Host a follow page on your blog during the event; $10 

Co-Host Event- $25 and you get ALL social media links, (Facebook, Twitter, 

Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc), Subscribe to blog, 

leave a comment on ANY blog post, 'like' and comment on ANY Facebook post 

(since FB has now made this legal again), + you get a secret word page to host 

your blog. 

The blogger that refers the most bloggers to sign up for this event, will get $25 

Paypal Cash at the beginning of the event! 

 This event will begin April 18th and end May 1st so that the prizes have time 

to arrive prior to Mother's Day! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Swing into Spring Giveaway

This is the Sign Up for the Swing into Spring Giveaway.  The giveaway will begin April 20th, 2014 and end May 15th, 2014. 

Prize will be a (minimum, depending on number of blogger sign ups) $500 Lowes or Home Depot Gift Card to help out with the typical Spring home projects!! With it being that time of the year, this event should be a BIG traffic draw!! 

Links are $5 each. (for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram- NO Google+) 

Vote for Blog-$5
Leave a comment on any Facebook post-(this is now legal under FB terms of service!)- $5 
"Like" any Facebook Post-(again, now legal under FB TOS)-$5
Leave a comment on ANY non giveaway blog post-$5 
Leave a comment on a SPECIFIC blog post- $7 

Host a follow page on your blog-(this brings lots of traffic to your blog)- $15

Co-Host this event- (you will get ALL links above, *does not incl. follow page)-$35 

***$25 Paypal Cash Prize will be given to the blogger who refers the most bloggers to sign up to participate in this event!!** 
**The blogger with the 2nd most referrals will get TWO FREE Links!**

Sign up will close on April 5th, 2014. This Giveaway will be open to U.S. and Canada, age 18+

All notices and other things regarding all events are posted in the private Facebook Group here:  HTML for events is also emailed to you. 

Fees should be sent to:  

Thank you for joining this event!! Our past few events have had incredible amounts of traffic to our blogs and to  a lot of our Facebook pages! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Cruise Event Blogger Sign Ups

***Please note: This page is for BLOGGERS ONLY.  It is a venue to sign up to participate in future blogging events.  If you're looking to enter an event, this is not the place.** 

Bloggers!! Once more, our favorite travel agency is sponsoring a Spring Cruise Event!  

Winner will get a 7 day cruise on the NCL Epic for a family of 4 to the Caribbean and a Visa Gift Card (amount will depend on number of sign ups)- to help cover their travel expenses to the port or their onboard account, etc. The giveaway is for the cruise only, winner is responsible for travel to/from the port and any other expenses including their on board charges that they make. 

Sign ups will only be open until Feb. 25th  This event will begin March 1st, 2014 and run through April 1st, 2014. These have been VERY High traffic events in the past, and we expect the same for this one. 

We are offering a $25 referral gift for $25 via Paypal or Amazon gift code to the one that sends the most referrals. There will be 2 more prizes of 2 free optional links for 2nd place and 1 free optional link for 1st place. 

There are a VERY limited number of co host spots available and a very limited number of follow pages. 

Fees are listed on the form below, but a quick breakdown is: 

Get 2 links, Facebook and Twitter only, for $5 
Pinterest, Instagram, Vote for Blog are $3.50 Each
Subscribe to Blog is $4
other optional links-(YouTube etc) is $4 each
Blog comment, or Facebook Comment or Facebook post like is $5 each
Host a follow page on your blog- $10 VERY LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE
Co-Host This event (you will get everything above except a follow page)-$25 We will only accept a VERY LIMITED number of co-hosts. 

Fees via Paypal to: or if you prefer, you can also use amazon gift codes. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Coach-Brighten up your Winter Event

Blah! Winter doldrums have set in! How about we brighten up winter a little bit with Coach Giveaway?? Sponsored by our friends at Our World Travel!! 

We will have 4 winners. The prizes are: 

Poppy Embossed Python Large Flap Satchel-$598

$358 Kristen Embellished Signature Domed Satchel 

Getaway Signature Packable Tote $158

Peyton Signature Tote-$328

This event will begin on Feb 1st, 2014 and end on Feb 15th, 2014 
We are limiting the number of participating bloggers to no more than 25. Coach is usually a really good traffic event. 
Open to the U.S and Canada

$5-will get you a Facebook and Twitter link 
Additional social media links are $3 each (no google+ please) 
Subscribe to blog is $5

Host a follow page-$7 

Co-host this event-$15  Gets you up to 5 social media links, subscribe to blog, vote for blog, facebook like and/or comment, comment on any blog post.

Payment via Paypal to: (or if you prefer, you can also send Amazon gift codes) 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baskets & Bunnies Easter Giveaway Event-Blogger Sign ups

Easter falls on April 20th this year so this event will take place March 30th-April 8th. Open to U.S. and Canada 

Prizes will all be Easter related and more will be added closer to the date. 
Prizes will include: 

Easter Basket filled with goodies arv- $70

Gift Cards ($50 Target  $75 ToysRUs)

Gorgeous Pearl Necklace arv: $180

$75 Gift Card to Gymboree 

more to be added as they come in! 

$5 for 3 links (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest) 

Any other links (Instagram, comment, vote for blog, subscribe, NO google+) $5 each

host a follow page- $10 

co-host-$25 includes all links, subscribe to blog,  Facebook comment and/or blog comments. 

The blogger that refers the most sign ups for this event will win a $25 Paypal prize! 

Send payments to:  via paypal 

Monday, January 6, 2014

2nd Annual Wedding Extravaganza Event Sign Up. US & Canada Bloggers

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Wedding Extravaganza Event! This event is open to the US and Canada and will run from March 30th-April 15th, 2014. This sheet is for bloggers to sign up only. This is not the actual event. 

We will be giving away wedding attire, rings, decor, and most likely...a honeymoon for the lucky winning couple! This event drew a HUGE amount of entries last year! So it's a good, high traffic event! 

All social media links are $3.50 each.  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) NO Google+ as it's against Google's terms of service. 

Host a follow page on your blog is $10- we will only have 4 of these available 

Co-Host this event. We will only be taking 4 co-hosts for this event.  $25 and will include all social media links, comment on any blog post, comment on any facebook post, like any facebook post, subscribe to blog. 

Send payment to via Paypal.  

Additionally, you may send Amazon gift codes to the same address if you prefer that over sending via paypal.