Sunday, December 14, 2014

Countdown to 2015 Blogger Sign Ups

We will be having a Countdown to 2015 Event that will run from 12/27/14-01/15/15 and is sponsored by several different companies.
We will have prizes worth approximately $2000 and will have 5+ winners. I will update as soon as prizes are completely decided on. Open to US & Canada

Bloggers will get a FREE Twitter Link
You have the option of getting either Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook for $2.50 each. (Sorry, it's against Google Terms of Service to add Google+)
You may host a follow page on your blog for increased traffic to your blog. To host a follow page is $6
Co-Host this event for $15 which will include: Twitter link, Visit Facebook page link, Comment on/like any Facebook Status, Comment on any blog post that is not a giveaway, Pinterest Link, Instagram Link & YouTube link plus a secret word page (for increased blog traffic).

Send money for optional choices to:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Blast Event

We have a last minute countdown to the holidays giveaway to put up thanks to Our World Travel and Just Ideas with Venus Kem!!
The event will run Dec 10-19th, winners will be chosen then their prize will be sent OVERNIGHT delivery to ensure it gets there before Christmas Day. Open to US and CANADA!
We're gonna keep the entries as quick and easy as possible, therefore we are offering one FREE Twitter link, You may add a Facebook Visit for $2.50, we will not have any other links available other than to co-hosts.
Co-host is $15 and you will get choice of 4 links, Facebook comment and like any status, comment on any non giveaway blog post and subscribe to blog and retweet 1 specific tweet.

Send any payments to

4 - $250 Visa Gift Cards
10- $100 Visa Gift Cards
2-$500 Visa Gift Cards
16 winners total!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide Event Blogger Sign Up.

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Event- This is the Blogger Sign up page for Bloggers only!

Will be open to the US and CANADA! Final day to sign up is 11/25 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

We'll be giving away a number of things from our gift guide, plus gift Cards!! We have numerous sponsors for this event. Some of the prizes are in the pic above. There will be over $3000 in prizes for this event!

Everyone gets a FREE Twitter Link!
Additional links available:

Facebook Visit $2.50
Facebook comment on any post- $3.50
Pinterest $2.50
Instagram $2.50
YouTube $2.50

Host a follow page on your blog (only 1-2 available) $7
Co Host this event - (All social media links above, Subscribe to blog, Comment on ANY non giveaway blog post, re-tweet a specified tweet) -$15

$25 Paypal to the highest referrer!
PLEASE make sure you copy/paste your links so they are correct, I don't have time to chase people down to get correct links.  Thank you! :)


Monday, November 3, 2014

Disney Themed Holiday Event

Welcome to the sign up page for the Disney Themed Holiday Event which will take place November 12th-December 5th~!  Hosted by Dixieland Reviews and sponsored by Our World Travel!

2- $500 Disney Gift Card
2- $250 Disney Gift Card
5-$100 Disney Gift Cards
There will be 9 (NINE!) winners total! Open Worldwide!

Available links: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.  $2.50 each
Subscribe to blog, comment on any non giveaway blog post, or re-tweet a tweet- $4 each
Host a follow page-$7
Co Host event $15 includes all links, subscribe, comment on any non giveaway blog post, re-tweet a tweet

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Holiday Prep Event! US & Canada

Hey everyone!
We're hosting a Holiday Prep Giveaway! This one is a little different as far as prizes go, but I think it will be a popular one! We will offer Facebook Links on this one, but it will be one of the last ones we offer those on since the ban will come into effect on, I believe, the 4th of November, so we're trying to squeeze this one in before the ban takes effect.

All the prizes have to do with getting ready for the holidays, including decor, craft items, a cricut machine & holiday cartridge and more PLUS>.....

 the grand prize will be a $1000 Delta Airlines Gift Card, courtesy of my favorite travel agent, Our World Travel, to help someone either bring family home for the holidays, or to go home for the holidays!
This event will take place Oct 23rd-November 1st! Open to US & Canada! :)
You get both a Facebook AND a Twitter follow for $5
All other social media links are $3 each
Blog Comment on any NON giveaway blog post-$4
Subscribe to Blog-$4
Host a Follow Page- $7
Co Host Event (Co-Host- All Links + Subscribe + Blog Comment + FB Comment On/Like any status)- $15

Payments to:  (don't forget the S between dixieland & deals.)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15000 Facebook Fans Celebration

Hi everyone! I hope you'll join me in celebrating gaining 15000 Facebook Followers!! Right now I only need about 148 more followers, I think I should have that by Oct. 20th so the event will run Oct 20-26th. This will be one of the last giveaways to offer Facebook as an option.

Prizes for this event will be:

$250 Visa Gift Card

D-Link Portable Router- arv $99.99

+ any other pitches that I get for this event, I will update as they come in.

You get BOTH Facebook & Twitter for $5
Pinterest is $3
Instagram is $3
Comment on ANY non Giveaway blog post on your blog-$4
Or you can co-host for $10 and get all links, blog comment and FB comment on/like status update.

Fees to  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Countdown to Black Friday Blog Hop Sign up!

Let's get our readers EXCITED for the Holidays! Add your blog below to sign up for the Countdown to Black Friday Blog Hop!

Your prize can be either brand sponsored or self sponsored, but must have a minimum value of $25. Event will begin Oct 29 and end the day before Black Friday, Nov 27th.