Friday, May 8, 2015

School's Out For Summer Event

This is not the actual event, this is a page for fellow Bloggers to sign up if they would like to participate in this event.

Welcome to the  School's Out For Summer Event! We're excited to bring this Sponsored Event!

Prizes are:
Wooden Play Set arv: $1075.00
Sand Box arv: $189.00
Playhouse arv: $480.00

There will be 3 (Three) Winners total, one for each prize. Open to the US mainland only, sorry, prizes cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, due to shipping restrictions.

Sign Up:
All bloggers get a FREE Twitter Link

ONE additional Social Media link of your choice (Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook only)  $2.50 (To keep this giveaway tool as short as possible, we are limiting extra links to 1 per blogger.

Host a follow Page: $7.50

Co-Host this event, 4 Links total (No Google+ Please) plus comment on any blog post and comment on any Facebook status update. $15

Payments to

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