Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Charity Event US and CANADA

Welcome to the Christmas Charity Event! For this event, we will be helping as many families as possible to have a great Christmas dinner along with gifts for every member of the family.  The number of families we will be able to help depends on the number of bloggers that sign up, the sponsorships and donations will can gather between now and Nov 30th. The event will run Dec. 6th-10th to allow plenty of time for winners to get their packages. 

We would like to have all items shipped to the winning families to where they receive them by Dec. 16th at the latest so they can be placed under the tree and the children in the families can experience that awesome anticipation! And of course, we would like to be able to send Mom and/or Dad/Partner a gift also since EVERYONE deserves to have a gift to open on Christmas morning. 

All fees for this event will go to pick up anything we may be missing, that we haven't been able to get a sponsor for or gifts to make sure every member of a family has a gift. 



Facebook Link $3
Pinterest Link $3
Instagram Link-$3
Vote for blog-$4 

Option THREE:
Co-Host the event- $20 -You will get a Facebook, Twitter, Vote Pinterest & 1 other link of choice. 

We will have a limited amount of follow pages available for $8

Get two FREE links when you donate a toy or gift code/card worth a minimum of $25 and will ship to winner.  

Thank you for joining this event open to the US and CANADA. Let's see how many families we can help have a rockin' Christmas!! 

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