Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special Offer Blogger Opportunity!

With the upcoming changes in giveaway rules from Facebook, for those wanting to increase their FB numbers I am offering three options. 
Please note:  Once they remove FB option from the RC's and Giveaway Tools, those signing up for one of the options below, will receive one link of their choice, (you can choose from Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Instagram) for every giveaway event we have up till December 31st, 2014. 

Option 1: 
Facebook Like on ALL upcoming giveaways from now until the change is implemented. $50 (includes smaller giveaways that won't be open to anyone but the ones choosing option 1-2-or-3)

Option 2: 
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Comment on non giveaway blog post, FB like any status, FB comment on any status. The status options will be a daily option on the tool, meaning they can come back each day and like a new status/comment on a new status.-$100 -INCLUDES ALL GIVEAWAYS Coming up

Option 3: Facebook page like, Facebook Status like Facebook Status comment- Status like and comment will be a daily option so they can come back every day to like and comment on a new status for extra entry. -$75- INCLUDES ALL GIVEAWAYS Coming up

As of today, there are 2 events coming up, one the 20th Aug, one the 25th Aug. If you've already signed up for either of those 2, I'll adjust the amount due on this opp. by the amount you paid, already for any links. 
I have at least 8 more events coming up really quick.  Most of these will be big draw prizes.  You will also get FB likes on my small, single giveaways without having to put it on your page or anything. All 8 events will be open to US and CANADA so there will be a MINIMUM of 8 Upcoming events. 

Send money to   All fees  raised will go towards Thanksgiving charity event and Christmas charity event. 

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