Sunday, December 14, 2014

Countdown to 2015 Blogger Sign Ups

We will be having a Countdown to 2015 Event that will run from 12/27/14-01/15/15 and is sponsored by several different companies.
We will have prizes worth approximately $2000 and will have 5+ winners. I will update as soon as prizes are completely decided on. Open to US & Canada

Here are some of the prizes up for grabs:

Bloggers will get a FREE Twitter Link
You have the option of getting either Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook for $2.50 each. (Sorry, it's against Google Terms of Service to add Google+)
You may host a follow page on your blog for increased traffic to your blog. To host a follow page is $6
Co-Host this event for $15 which will include: Twitter link, Visit Facebook page link, Comment on/like any Facebook Status, Comment on any blog post that is not a giveaway, Pinterest Link, Instagram Link & YouTube link plus a secret word page (for increased blog traffic).

Send money for optional choices to:

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